Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Procrastinating ....... evaluating the role of research in counselling psychology

It's been a while since I've posted.  For those of you like me - with a family; training full time (two days at University, three on clinical placement); fitting in part-time work in evenings and weekends - you will appreciate the lack of any free time and the levels of exhaustion.  To exacerbate the situation - my inability to say "no" appears to have re-surfaced.  In recent months I have taken on a role as Counselling Psychology representative on the PsyPAG committee, launched a Facebook group for my University course  and taken on the administration role of my daughter's rugby team.  It was not without some difficulty that I managed to restrain myself from standing as Parent Governor for my daughter's school.  The next month looks positively overloaded with two presentations; rugby training and festival; two focus groups for my research; a Golden Wedding celebration - oh yes, and the small matter of Christmas.

So given my crowded schedule and commitments - why have I chosen today to write?  One word - procrastination.  Faced with a 3000 word assignment critiquing the role of research in counselling psychology, I am destined to seek out all manner of activities which delay the inevitable.  Having set aside three whole days to break the back of the assignment (daughter at her dad's and reading week at University), to read the necessary journal articles and commit my evidentially supported points to paper, I have absolutely nothing to show.  Well, not in terms of an assignment.  I made a lovely soup, three loaves of banana bread, a superb excel spreadsheet for the rugby team - oh yes, and a blog post.  At least I'm writing :)

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  1. Wow Sue, I thought I was over-committed!! Sounds like you are mega busy indeed. Good luck with your assignment, hope the soup ad banana bread help you through it. Let us know how it goes.